M.S. Electronics model 2100 R printing taxi meter

No!  No!

MS Electronics 2100R Taximeters are of no value. Do not buy one on e-Bay or new or used from anyone else. They cannot reasonably be used. We are told that they were made by a company which was based in Brooklyn NY about 1984, and a few hundred of them were sold following a mandate for cab equipment requirements. They are not "type-approved" - they are not legal in the USA. They are not able to be field programmed, instead they require a chip called an e-prom be "burned" with the rates and calibration. It requires the correct information, the correct blank prom and a machine capable of doing the program burn. They are large, metal framed, cumbersome machines which we, after years of experience in electronics and taxi meters, were able to purchase and test; We bought one for $1.00 plus shipping on e-Bay. We were able to get it to illuminate. Period. They cannot be adjusted or programmed in the field like current Pulsar and Centrodyne meters. They were used for a very short time in New York in the mid eighties, then removed and replaced with good, programmable meters. When I added this page to my websites I went looking for a 2100R meter picture and could not find one on the web! Apparently there IS something you cannot find on Google! Well, there was, but now you'll find this page! Yikes! I discovered this one picture in our archive and posted it above. The only good thing about the deal was the printer ribbon was still good, and I retrieved that - so I got my $1.00's worth! (Now if I can just find something it will fit before it dries out.) Don't waste your money unless you want something impressive to give your child to tear apart. Good grief!  -Fred Stock 10/2008

RMI10 . RMI20

RMI 1500 Taximeters were manufactured by a short-lived company in Orange County California in the 90's. They worked well for their life-time but they are no longer made or supported. They are programmable with the correct instructions and the right hand tools. We have the programming instructions amd wiring directions we developed back then, and we will make them available if you have one, but I don't think I would invest much in more of them. By today's standards, they are very limited and unsupported. They were a first-issue and were used in the Palm Springs CA area for a short while. The company phone numbers and information on file are no longer valid.

NOTE: The PULSAR 2010 Taximeter is still around, and is actually being used in some places. It is no longer "type accepted" and therefore is technically obsolete illegal. Most companies using this meter are gradually changing it out for the newer Pulsar 2030 meter which slides into the same wiring and socket as the old one. Call us for details 760-345-4347 or e-mail at Fred@TaxiCabElectronics.com.

NOTE: The ARGO 1144 and all Argo taximeters are no longer type accepted in the USA, and therefore is technically obsolete illegal. Most companies using this meter are gradually changing it out for current meters. The Argo company is no longer in existence, and the meters are not supported by the factory entities. There is a company which can support the 1144 Argo in the northeast, and still has a stock of parts for this meter. Call or e-mail us if you need more information. 760-345-4347 or e-mail at Fred@TaxiCabElectronics.com.

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